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Programme funding

EUR 75 million

Official Journal Reference

L 141 of 1992-05-23

Legislative Reference

92/275/Euratom of 1992-04-29
To ensure the safe operation of the high flux reactor (HFR ) in Petten, comprising routine operation of the facility for more than 250 days/year, fuel cycle management and safety and quality management; and the efficient utilization of the reactor in a wide scope of topical sectors.


The High Flux Reactor (HFR) at Petten is a high power (45 MW) multi-purpose research reactor. It provides high flux in-core positions for irradiation testing of reactor materials, as well as for high grade radioisotope production. This supplementary research programme largely profits from this variety of irradiation possibilities.


The efficient utilization of the reactor in a wide scope of topical sectors covers:

- Irradiation testing of materials for fission reactors, as well as for future thermonuclear fusion reactors;
- Neutron applications to solid state physicis and materials sciences investigations;
- Radioisotope production and related activities;
- Neutron radiography as a non-destructive testing method and;
- Treatment of certain types of cancer with neutrons (Boron neutron capture therapy) and related research.


The Commmission, assisted by the Board of Governors of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) is responsible for carrying out the programme by means of the services of the JRC.

The resources to be contributed to the supplementary programme are broken down between Germany and the Netherlands at 50% each. Other funds are provided for, in addition to the supplementary programme, either under the heading of work carried out as part of the JRC specific programmes or under the heading of contractual work, and are broken down as follows:

.-Supplementary programme:
- Exploitation of reactor: Germany ECU 32.5 million, Netherlands ECU 32.5 million;
- Preparation of experiments (studies, rigs, etc.): Germany ECU 10 million, Netherlands to carry out the work directly to the equivalent of such work valued by the Commission at ECU 10 million;

.- JRC specific programmes and contractual work for external third parties: ECU 15 million.

The Commission shall each year, before 31 March, submit to the European Parliament, the Council, and the Economic and Social Committee a report on the implementation of this Decision. This report will be accompanied by the observations of the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors may also submit through the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, and the Economic and Social Committee a separate report on any aspect of the implementation of this Decision.
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