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Framework programme


Previous programme


Successor programme


Programme funding

EUR 700 million

Official Journal Reference

L 3 of 1984-01-05

Legislative Reference

of 1983-12-22
To contribute to research into industrial technologies, nuclear and non-nuclear energy and environmental protection, provide scientific and technical support for Commission departments in the formulation and the implementation of Community policies and contribute to the development of the scientific knowledge and techniques necessary to fix norms and standards.


Executed in accordance with the Council Resolution of 14 January 1974 (Official Journal No C 7 of 29.1.1974) on the coordination of national policies and the definition of projects of interest to the Community in the field of science and technology, this programme of the Joint Research Centre and the specific research programmes included in it were a part of the first Framework Programme (1984-1987) under the research action programmes (RAP) "Industrial Technologies", "Fusion", "Fission", "Non- nuclear energy sources" and "Environment".

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) consists of four establishments (Ispra in Italy, Geel in Belgium, Petten in The Netherlands, and Karlsruhe in the Federal Republic of Germany) together with a Directorate-General in Brussels.

The JRC's mission is to play a central role in the Community's research strategy through the undertaking of research programmes and to provide scientific and technical support for Commission services.


Thirteen specific research programmes. The following list includes the acronyms chosen by CORDIS to designate each of these programmes:
- Nuclear measurements and reference materials (NUMEAS 1C);
- High-temperature materials (HTM);
- Fusion technology and safety (FUSAFE 1C);
- Reactor safety (REACTSAFE 1C);
- Management of radioactive waste (RADWASTE 1C);
- Safeguarding and management of fissile materials (SAFEFM 1C);
- Nuclear fuels and actinides research (NUCFUEL 1C);
- Techniques for solar energy tests (SOLARTEST C);
- Management of energy in dwellings (ENDWEL C);
- Environmental protection (ENVPROTJ 3C);
- Application of remote-sensing techniques (REMSENS 1C);
- Industrial hazards (INDHAZ 1C);
- Exploitation of the HFR reactor (complementary programme) (HFR 1).


The Commission, assisted by the board of governors of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), was responsible for carrying out the programme and, to this end, called upon the services of the JRC.

Information resulting from implementation of the non-nuclear parts of the programme was disseminated in accordance with Council Regulation (EEC) No 2380/74 of 17 September 1974 (Official Journal No L 255 of 20.9.1974), adopting provisions for the dissemination of information relating to research programmes for the European Economic Community.

The Commission submitted annual reports on the execution of the programme to the Council and the European Parliament and reviewed it in its third year with a view to a further four-year programme. A final critical analysis carried out by independent experts was also submitted.
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