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Programme funding

EUR 43 million

Official Journal Reference

L 78 of 1980-03-25

Legislative Reference

80/343/Euratom of 1980-03-18
To further the joint development and perfection of a system for managing radioactive waste produced by the nuclear industry in order to solve the technological problems associated with processing, storage and disposal and protect the public and the environment against the potential risks involved.


The need for Community action on the handling and storage of radioactive waste was underlined by the Community's programme of action on the environment as reflected in the Declaration of 22 November 1973 (Official Journal No C 112 of 20.12.1973) and the Resolution of 17 May 1977 (Official Journal No C 139 of 13.6.1977).

Research work in the field has been carried out at Community level since 1973 in the Ispra establishment of the Joint Research Centre (JRC). A first five-year "indirect" programme, implemented through shared-cost contracts, began in 1975. This was the second such programme.

The Community plan of action in the field of radioactive waste (1980-1992) has ensured the continuity of R&D programmes in this field (Council Resolution of 18 February 1980).


Two areas of work:

- Work to solve certain technological problems involved in the processing, storage and disposal of radioactive waste:
. Processing:
Immobilization of low and medium- activity waste, development of processes and operation of pilot installations, conditioning of high-activity waste: fuel claddings and residues from dissolvers, processing of medium-activity liquid waste, processing of waste contaminated by alpha emitters, examination and evaluation of high-activity solidified waste and immobilization and storage of gaseous waste;
. Storage and disposal:
Burial of low-activity solid waste at shallow depth, and storage and disposal in geological formations;

- Work to define the general framework for projects relating to the storage and disposal of radioactive waste:
. Evaluation of processes, criteria for the launching of experiments and strategies for waste management;
. Studies of the legal, administrative and financial aspects of waste management.


The Commission, assisted by the Advisory Committee on Programme Management (ACPM) for the Management and Storage of Radioactive Waste, was responsible for implementing the programme, which was carried out through contracts with national, public and private research establishments.

The programme was reviewed at the end of the second year with a view to a possible revision in the third year.
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