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To improve road safety


In response to the Council Resolution of 21 June 1991, following from the White Paper on "the Future Development of the Common Transport Policy" (adopted on 2 December 1992), the Commission has outlined an action programme on road safety (COM(93) 246 final). Measures are proposed to improve aggregation of statistical data for road safety, which would enable studies, research projects and analyses to be set-up in areas related to the field of road safety. The Commission also proposes a feasibilty study on the creation of a documentary file on road safety to facilitate information exchange on road safety on an international scale. The action programme places emphasis on research activities contributing to the improvement of road safety such as those which touch upon infrastructure, vehicles and driver behaviour (individual and systematic), and which may exist in current programmes from the 2nd and 3rd Framework programmes, or form part of a specific new measure dealing with transport.


Priority fields for action and new initiatives:

- Exchange of information and experience and setting-up a Community databank with two complementary tools:
. The CARE project - Community databank on road traffic accidents in Europe;
.Creation of a documentary file on road safety.

Proposed research activities:
- Active and passive vehicle safety;
- Education of road users and driver training;
Measures relating to behaviour:
. Measures to encourage sensible driving;
.The influence of alcohol, drugs and fatigue on driving.
- Infrastructure and road safety;
-Measures to promote improvements in the safety of the transport of dangerous goods by road;
- The problem of aspects of advertising which are bad for road safety.


The Commission will continue to meet and consult with the High-Level Group of government experts on road safety to promote the exchange of information and the development and implementation of the action programme on road safety. The Commission will also consult non-government organisations.


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