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  • Long-term programme (EEC) for the use of telematics for Community information systems concerned with imports/exports and the management and financial control of agricultural market organizations (CADDIA), 1985-1992

Previous programme


Official Journal Reference

L 96 of 1985-04-03

Legislative Reference

85/214/CEE of 1985-03-26
To provide the necessary organizational infrastructure for the use of telematics in processing data and documentation to enable the Commission and the Member States to administer the information systems needed for the operation of the Customs Union and the Community's external trade policies and for the management and financial control of agricultural markets.


This programme, covering the necessary coordination at Community level of the development of telematics systems in the fields of customs, trade and agriculture, is based on preparatory activities in this field. In the customs sector the CD project (Coordinated Development of Computerized Administrative Procedures) was undertaken as part of this programme by Council Decision 86/23/EEC of 4.12.1986 (Official Journal No L 33 of 8.2.1986). Close collaboration is maintained with the INSIS and TEDIS programmes.


Four sectors:

- Customs:
Definition of user requirements for import subsystems, the TARIC ("Tarif Integre Communautaire") database and interface, standard messages, pilot projects and assessment of the legal problems of electronics data interchange;

- Agriculture:
The IDES (Interactive Data Entry System) project involving data acquisition from national authorities, the electronic transmission of data on MCAs (Monetary Compensatory Amounts), and adaptation of AMIS (Agricultural Market Intelligence System) to the combined customs nomenclature;

- Statistics:
Infrastructure, agricultural and external trade statistics;

- Teletransmission:
Establishment of the necessary electronics infrastructure in the Member States.


The Commission, assisted by the CADDIA Steering Committee (CSC), is responsible for implementing the coordination measures necessary for the specification, implementation, and use of CADDIA telematics facilities by the Member States and by itself.

The Commission reports annually to the European Parliament and the Council on the introduction of CADDIA telematics systems and on the implementation of the long-term development programme.
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