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To promote, in parallel with the specific non-nuclear energy programme of the Fourth Framework Programme, the development, dissemination and market penetration of new, clean and efficient energy technologies with a view to improving energy efficiency in the Community and contributing to the Community's overall energy policy.


The present proposal for a THERMIE II programme is made in light of the findings of the evaluation report on the implementation of the THERMIE I programme (1990-1994), which stressed the need for continued support for the promotion of energy technology at the Community level.

THERMIE II shares the same fields of application as the specific programme on non-nuclear energy under the Fourth Framework Programme. The demonstration phase of this programme will incorporate a large part of the activities conducted within the current THERMIE programme when it expires at the end of 1994.

THERMIE II will both complement and supplement the demonstration phase of the specific programme on non-nuclear energy. In particular, it will ensure the continuation of the full range of activities currently covered under THERMIE by providing support for those activities which are beyond the scope of the Fourth Framework Programme. This concerns three main fields:

- Dissemination projects and projects where a tested technology is being demonstrated under different economic conditions;
- Dissemination of technologies arising from projects funded under the demonstration programmes of the Member States or by industry;
- Penetration of European energy technologies in third country markets through industrial cooperation.

The actions promoted by the programme will work across several sectors (general industry, energy industry, tertiary sector and rural energy systems). Activities will largely focus on problems relating to the utilization of energy technologies rather than the particular problems of individual energy sectors. In general, projects and promotional measures will be targeted on a specific end-use.

Together with other Community instruments, the promotion of energy technologies under THERMIE II will contribute to the security of long-term energy supply, the competitiveness of European industry, the preservation of energy resources, environmental protection and the attainment of other policy objectives such as economic and social cohesion and the CAP. Cooperation with third countries will be promoted through such initiatives as the EC-Energy Centres in Central and Eastern Europe and by assisting the access of developing countries to adequate and clean energy supplies through the promotion of European energy technologies.

The programme is closely coordinated with other Community financial instruments relating to energy policy (SAVE and ALTNER), regional policy, external policy and cooperation (PHARE/TACIS, cooperation agreements and the European Development Fund), and innovation policy (in particular SPRINT's specific projects and its technology performance financing scheme).


Four fields of application and promotional measures:

- Rational use of energy:
Activities promoting substantial energy savings, or to a restructuring of energy demand, in such a way as to improve the quality of the environment or to make a more efficient use of electricity or heat (Sectors: Transport; Buildings; Industry; Energy industry);

- Renewable energy sources:
Activities promoting non-finite energy sources (Sectors: Energy from biomes and waste; Solar energy; Wind energy; Hydroelectric energy; Geothermal resources);

- Solid fuels:
The principle activity is clean combustion, in particular promoting the widespread use of Fluidised Bed Combustion (FBC) to burn bituninous coal, lignite, peat, rest coals, wastes, biomass, RDF, and all types of carbonaceous materials;

- Hydrocarbons:
Activities to develop and promote innovative and effective technologies leading to an improvement in the exploration, production, transportation and use of hydrocarbons;

- Promotional actions for energy technologies:
Measures necessary to support the application and market penetration of energy technologies and to meet the Community's energy policy and other related objectives as set out in the Treaty on European Union.


This programme was not adopted.
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