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Successor programme


Programme funding

EUR 54 million

Official Journal Reference

L 174 of 1982-06-21

Legislative Reference

82/402/CEE of 1982-05-17
To increase the self-supply potential of the Community as a whole in respect of primary and secondary raw materials, to develop and export new advanced materials technology and that relating to mineral exploration and exploitation, and to promote cooperation within European scientific circles in all phases of the materials cycle.


The technical content of the primary raw materials programme, a follow-up to the 1978-1981 programme in this field, were based on the conviction that mineral resources are still to be found in Community territory as concealed and/or deep-seated deposits. Originally, raw materials projects in the field of uranium exploration and extraction, covering the period 1978 to 1982, were included.


Four subprogrammes:

- Metals and mineral substances:
Exploration, ore processing, mining technology, clay-based materials for the ceramics industry;

- Wood as a renewable raw material:
Wood production, wood harvesting, storage and transport, wood as material, wood processing without modification of its basic structure, the processing of wood and related organic materials into fibre products, wood as a source of chemicals;

- Recycling of non-ferrous metals:
Collection, characterization and physical and metallurgical processing of non-ferrous metals, scrap and waste;

- Substitution and materials technologies:
Substitution of materials used in the electric and electronics industry, in surface treatment and coatings and in cutting and machining tools, stainless steel and alloys, soldering and brazing technologies, leather tanning and technical ceramics;

Ongoing projects in the raw materials sector:
- Uranium exploration and extraction (carried over from the period 1978 to 1982):
Exploration and R&D in uranium extraction and recovery;
- Recycling of urban and industrial waste (carried over from the period November 1979 to October 1983):
Sorting of household waste, thermal treatment of waste, fermentation and hydrolysis, and the recovery of rubber waste.


The Commission, assisted by Advisory Committees on Programme Management (ACPMs), was responsible for implementing the programme by means of indirect and coordination actions.

The information resulting from implementation of the indirect action in the programme was disseminated in accordance with Council Regulation (EEC) No 2380/74 of 17 September 1974 (Official Journal No L 255 of 20.9.1974), providing for the dissemination of information relating to research programmes for the European Economic Community.
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