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Programme funding

EUR 39 million

Official Journal Reference

L 74 of 1976-03-20

Legislative Reference

76/309/Euratom of 1976-03-15
To supplement, broaden and deepen the scientific and technical knowledge necessary for determining and keeping up to date the permissible radiation levels in man and the permissible level of contamination of the various components of the environment, and for the improvement of the practical organization of radiation protection by the Member States.


This 1976-1980 radiation protection programme was the fourth to be implemented in the field since 1959. Its initial year coincided with the final year of the previous programme. Funds left over from that programme were incorporated in its budget.

The research activities were partly carried out by the Commission Biology Group set up at the Ispra establishment of the Joint Research Centre.

The continuity of this programme has been considered necessary by the Commission of the European Communities in view of the steadily expanding exploitation of nuclear energy, the increased handling of nuclear fuels throughout their cycle including power plants, effluents and waste, and the increased use of ionizing radiations and radioisotopes in medicine and by industry.


Six sectors:

- Radiation dosimetry and its interpretation:
. Radiation and measurement of specific radiation protection quantities;
. Organ dosimetry and internal dosimetry;
. Radiation physics and microdosimetry;
. Interpretation of dose-effect relationships;
. Development of instruments and methods;
. Collection and evaluation of dosimetric data, intercomparison programmes;
. Biological and accident dosimetry;

- Behaviour and control of radionuclides in the environment:
. Sea and continental water environments;
. Terrestrial environments;
. Atmospheric environments;
. Evaluation of doses to man;
. Control of contaminated areas;
. Conventional pollution due to nuclear power plants;
. Release of radionuclides from non- nuclear plants;

- Short term somatic effects of radiation:
. Primary effects of ionizing radiation on nucleic acids;
. Short term somatic effects of ionizing radiations;

- Late somatic effects of ionizing radiation:
. Non-stochastic effects;
. Stochastic effects;
. Distribution and metabolism of radionuclides;
. Decorporation of radionuclides;
. Epidemiological studies in human populations;
. Exposures to medical diagnostic procedures;

- Genetic effects of ionizing radiations:
. Biochemistry of sensitivity and repair;
. Nature of genetic damage in Eukaryotes;
. Dose-effect relations in Eukaryotes;

- Evaluation of radiation risks:
. Project 1: Methods for the evaluation of individual and collective doses resulting from normal discharges and accidental releases;
. Methods for the evaluation of the radiological detriment to man;
. Methods for evaluation of economic and social consequences of irradiation.


The Commission was responsible for the implementation of the programme by means of shared-cost contracts, association contracts and in-house research carried out at the Joint Research Centre, Ispra.
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