Community Research and Development Information Service - CORDIS

Official Journal Reference

L 223 of 1993-09-02

Legislative Reference

2427/93 of 1993-09-01
To finance and coordinate programmes of research and information to promote greater knowledge of the harmful effects of tobacco and the appropriate preventive and curative measures relevant to such effects; and to orientate Community tobacco production towards the least harmful varieties and qualities.


The "Community fund for tobacco research and information" was set up under Article 13 of Regulation (EEC) No 2075/92 concerning the common organization of the market in raw tobacco. In accordance with the provisions of the abovementioned Article 13, detailed rules for the application of the Fund were set out in Regulation (EEC) No 2427/93.


Eligable areas:

- Improvement of public awareness, particularly among young people, of the harmful effects of tobacco use through information and health education;

- Analysis of options available for the prevention of the harmful effects of tobacco use, mainly through health information and education;

- Steering of tobacco production towards the least harmful varieties, qualities or tobacco products through new cultivation or drying methods, by practices restricting the use of plant health products, or by the introduction of new varieties.


The Commission is responsible for the management of the "Community fund for tobacco research and information", assisted by a scientific and technical committee. This committee consists of nine members appointed by the Commission, at least two of whom must represent producers' interests.

Under the terms of the Regulation, the Commission provides financial support for research and information projects within the scope of fields covered by the Fund (see the "Subdivisions" section of this summary) following the publication of calls for proposals in the Official Journal of the European Communities.

In order to be eligible for support under the Fund, project proposals must:

- With regard to research:
. Be of particular interest in the light of the innovations sought after;
. Be geared towards practical application;

- With regard to information:
. Provide effective and objective information for tobacco producers and/or consumers;
. Be original, practicable and effective in the short-term.

Priority is to be given to research and information projects which are likely to have a rapid impact on production and those which provide for the speedy dissemination among producers of the knowledge or results obtained. During the assessment process, the following factors are taken into account:

- Scientific credentials of the interested party in the field in question;
- Completed work or work in progress in the field in question;
- Involvement of legal entities from more than one Member State in the project.

Project proposals may be submitted by any natural or legal person established in the Community who:

- Possesses recognized skills and at least five years' professional experience in the field in question;
- Undertakes to contribute, from their own resources, at least 25% of the total financing of the project;
- Undertakes to carry out the proposed programme within the time limit laid down (generally during a period of one to two years but not more than five years);
- Agrees to provide periodical interim reports on the progress of the work;
- Agrees to make his accounts and other supporting documents on expenditure available for verification by the Commission;
- Agrees to the payment conditions set out in Regulation (EEC) No 2427/93.

The Commission is responsible for selecting projects submitted for support under the Fund after an examination of all the proposals received by a group of independent experts and after having received the opinion of the scientific and technical committee mentioned above.

The Fund is financed from the proceeds of a deduction (not exceeding 1%) of the Community's tobacco premium.
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