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Official Journal Reference

L 167 of 1996-07-06

Legislative Reference

96/413/CE of 1996-06-25
To establish a set of guidelines which form the basis of an action programme to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry.


The action programme was established as part of the Commission's response to the Council Resolution of 21 November 1994 on the strengthening of the competitiveness of Community industry.

Whilst it is the primary task of business to maintain and improve industrial competitiveness, the action programme recognizes the role of the Community and the Member States for ensuring that the necessary conditions prevail. In this context, the programme has the following specific objectives:

- To modernize the industrial role of public authorities in order to eliminate unnecessary legal and administrative constraints on enterprises, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises;
- To ensure undisturbed competition both within and outside the Community;
- To strengthen industrial cooperation;
- To promote intangible competitiveness factors.


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The Commission is responsible for the implementation of the action programme in accordance with the following principal guidelines:

- Implementation of the initiatives announced in the Communication on an industrial competitiveness policy for the European Union in the areas of:
. Intangible investments;
. Industrial cooperation;
. Industrial aspects of competition;
. Modernization of the role of public authorities;

- Facilitating the emergence of the learning society, mainly by promoting continuing training;

- Development of industrial cooperation in light of the particular situation in countries in:
. Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and the new independent states of the former Soviet Union;
. The Mediterranean and Latin America;
. Asia;
. The ACP countries and southern Africa;

- Strengthening and deepening of the relationship between the European Union and the United States, mainly through support for the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue;

-Establishment, in collaboration with the competent commercial policy committee, with national administrations and with industry, of a database on the obstacles faced by European companies in third countries, market by market;

- Examination of the issue of relocation of industry and services and report on the results to the Directors-General of Industry;

- Improving the functioning of the internal market, in particular with a view to speeding up the standardization process and to strengthening the efforts to coordinate national initiatives to assist companies facing barriers to trade in the European Union;

- Examining and enhancing the complementarity between industrial activities and related services;

- Annual report on the development of the competitiveness of European industry, based in particular on the information obtained for the "Panorama of European Industry";

- Regular progress reports to the Directors-General of Industry on progress with this action programme and on possible adjustments to the programme for subsequent years.

The Commission is required to draw up an annual report containing an evaluation of the results achieved together with, where necessary, appropriate proposals.
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