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  • Research programme (Euratom, EEC) to be implemented by the Joint Research Centre - Fissile materials control and management -, 1980-1983

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Programme funding

EUR 20,5 million

Official Journal Reference

L 72 of 1980-03-18

Legislative Reference

80/317/CEE, Euratom of 1980-03-13
To assist the Euratom Safeguards Directorate and the European plant operators in the implementation of their safeguards duties in the framework of Euratom and non-proliferation treaties or other agreements, and to combine the technical requirements originating from the different safeguards obligations with the reality of industrial operations and fissile material management.


The programme developed techniques in the field of nuclear materials accountancy, automatic non- destructive testing data evaluation and ultrasonically identifiable sealing systems.


Four projects:

- Acquisition of data on accountancy and materials balance evaluation;

- Development of measurement methods and instrumentation and of methods for the evaluation of the isotopic composition of irradiated fuels;

- Containment and surveillance techniques;

- Study of safeguards systems for the fuel cycle as a whole.


Information not presently available.


Nuclear Fission
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