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Official Journal Reference

L 131 of 1990-05-23

Legislative Reference

Regolamento 1360/90 of 1990-05-07
To promote cooperation and coordination of assistance in the field of vocational training reform in Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union and Mongolia.


The European Training Foundation is one of the agencies established by the European Union in response to the need for specialized bodies to deal with a number of specific issues.

Located in Turin, the Foundation assists the Union's partner countries in Central and Eastern Europe and in the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union and Mongolia to develop vocational education and training systems by:

- Contributing to the reform of their vocational training;
- Promoting effective cooperation in this field between the EU and the partner countries;
- Contributing to the coordination of international donor assistance;
- Providing technical assistance to the European Commission for the implementation of the Tempus Programme.

Within the training field, the scope of the Foundation's work covers initial and continuing vocational training as well as retraining for young people and adults and management training. Various types of activities are implemented including:

- Provision of assistance in the definition of training needs and priorities;
- Provision of information on current activities and future needs;
- Examination of potential joint training ventures, including their design and preparation;
- Implementation of programmes and initiatives;
- Help with the monitoring and evaluation of training assistance;
- Dissemination of information and exchanges of experience.


This field does not apply to the activities of the ETF.


The activities of the European Training Foundation are overseen by Board of Governors comprising one delegate from each Member State and chaired by a representative of the Commission. A Director is appointed with responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the Foundation and the implementation of its activities.

The Foundation operates mainly in the framework of the European Union's Phare (Central and East European countries) and Tacis (New Independent States and Mongolia) assistance and partnership programmes. It also supports other bilateral and multilateral programmes and activities as part of its brief to contribute to the coordination of international donor assistance.

Calls for project proposals to implement activities supported by the Foundation are published in the Official Journal of the European Communities. Details can also be obtained from the Foundation's WWW site:
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