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  • Agreement for scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community and the Government of the United States of America, 1998-2003

Official Journal Reference

L 284 of 1998-10-22

Legislative Reference

98/591/EC of 1998-10-13
To stimulate scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community and the Government of the United States of America.


On 25 June 1996 the Council authorized the Commission to negotiate an agreement with the United States of America to facilitate scientific and technological cooperation in the fields of research and development in science and technology. Ratification procedures from the Community were completed on 11 March 1998.

The process of agreement forms part of the global cooperation between the European Community and the United States of America as embodied, in particular, in the New Transatlantic Agenda, adopted by both sides in Madrid on 3 December 1995. It demonstrates the wish of both parties to establish a deeper and broader framework for collaborative work in science and technology for mutual benefit.


Areas for cooperative activities under this agreement are:

- Environment including climate research;

- Biomedicine and health (including research on AIDS, infectious diseases and drug abuse);

- Agriculture;

- Fisheries science;

- Engineering research;

- Non-nuclear energy;

- Natural resources;

- Materials sciences and metrology;

- Information and communication technologies;

- Telematics;

- Biotechnology;

- Marine sciences and technology;

- Social sciences research;

- Transportation;

- Science and technology policy, management, training and mobility of scientists


The Commission and the State Department of the United States of America, as Executive Agents, will establish a Joint Consultative Group (JCG) to oversee and advise on the scientific and technical cooperation carried out under this agreement. The JCG will meet annually and be made up of a limited and equal number of official representatives from each party.

The Commission and the United States will encourage the involvement of participants such as, amongst others, scientific and technological organizations and agencies, universities and research centres in cooperative activities. This will allow comparable opportunities for participation in their scientific and technological research and development activities. Such cooperation may take the following forms:

- Coordinated research projects and joint research projects;

- Joint task forces;

- Joint studies;

- Joint organization of scientific seminars, conferences, symposia and workshops;

- Training of scientists and technical experts;

- Exchange or sharing of equipment and materials;

- Visits and exchanges of scientists, engineers, or other appropriate personnel;

- Exchanges of scientific and technological information as well as on practices, laws, regulations, and programmes relevant to cooperation under this Agreement.

Once it enters into force the agreement will be concluded for an initial period of five years. It may however, be extended, with possible amendments, for additional periods after that.

Cooperative work carried out under the agreement will be subject to the availability of funds and the respective laws, regulations, policies and programmes of the Community and the United States of America. Each party will have to bear their own costs.

The agreement contains clear provisions on the allocation and protection of intellectual property rights, particularly for intellectual property created as the result of joint research. It also sets out a framework ensuring adequate protection for intellectual property in both parties' territories.
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