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Framework programme


Programme funding

EUR 9 million

Official Journal Reference

L 7 of 1999-01-13

Legislative Reference

1999/25/Euratom of 1998-12-14
To improve the conditions for safe transport of radioactive materials in the European Community; to help establish in countries participating in the TACIS programme an effective and reliable system of safeguards through cooperation measures; and to promote industrial cooperation with those countries and the exchange of know-how within the nuclear industry to help them achieve internationally recognized high safety standards for nuclear equipment and installations.


The programme is established as one of the specific programmes within the framework programme for actions in the energy sector (ENERGY-FP C).

One of the fundamental objectives of Community energy policy in the nuclear field is the desire to promote safeguards for the use of nuclear materials and a high degree of safety.

The use of nuclear energy to produce electricity and the increasing use of radioactive materials in the health sector, industry and research mean that more radioactive materials are being transported - any increase of safety in the nuclear field therefore needs to include an improvement in the conditions under which radioactive materials are transported.

To achieve this, the programme aims to pass on the benefit of Community experience in implementing nuclear safeguards in those countries participating in the TACIS programme and promote a high degree of safety in the design and operation of nuclear equipment by encouraging industrial cooperation.


In order to achieve the objectives of the programme, the Community will contribute to the funding of actions which:

- In the field of the safe transport of radioactive materials:

. Facilitate the functioning of the internal market by identifying those harmonization measures which are called for;

. Help to improve legislation further by developing experimentation and know-how;

. Evaluate technical aspects of incidents which have occurred during transport and learn the lessons for the future;

. Make emergency procedures relating to transport more consistent and give those involved more training;

. Enhance an efficient system of reporting in the event of an incident;

. Cooperate with countries participating in the TACIS programme to help them improve transport safety in these countries;

. Improve public information comprehension and awareness in this area;

- In the field of safeguards in countries participating in the TACIS programme:

. Training, familiarization, testing, retraining and technological upgrading of experts from those countries in the matter of nuclear safeguards;

. Cooperation on the implementation of accounting and control systems for nuclear materials;

. Installation of modern logistical, evaluation and control equipment and related training;

- In the field of industrial cooperation on nuclear matters with the countries participating in the TACIS programme:

. Analyse the industrial, administrative, legal and financial context specific to each of them;

. Encourage industrial cooperation measures capable of transferring European nuclear safety technology;

. Facilitate the cooperation of partners from the European Community and countries participating in the TACIS programme in the development of joint industrial projects.


Within the framework programme for actions in the energy sector (ENERGY-FP C) the SURE programme will be implemented during the period 1998-2002.

The level of funding for the actions and measures carried out under the SURE programme will be between 80% and 100% of their total cost.

The Commission will be responsible for the financial execution and implementation of the programme. It will be assisted by an advisory Committee established under the framework programme for actions in the energy sector.

The implementation of this specific programme, as well as the framework programme and the other specific programmes, will be examined in each year of its operation. In the third year of the framework programme the Commission will arrange an external assessment, to be carried out by independent Community experts, of the overall implementation of the actions carried out, including the specific programmes. The results of the assessment will be communicated to the European Parliament, the Council, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions.

Associated Central and Eastern European Countries and Cyprus will be able to participate in the ETAP programme, subject to the particular conditions and provisions relating to their participation in Community programmes.
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