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ET-KALEIDOSCOPE - Programme to support artistic and cultural activities with a European dimension, (KALEIDOSCOPE), 1996-1999

By means of cooperation, to encourage artistic and cultural activities and to promote familiarity with and the dissemination of culture and the cultural life of the European peoples. The specific objectives are:
- To encourage, through cooperation, creative artistic and cultural work in Europe;
- To promote familiarity with and the dissemination of culture;
- To assist in the improvement of the professional skills of artists;
- To facilitate public access to culture;
- To support European City of Culture events and the European cultural month;
- To encourage cultural cooperation with non-Community countries and the relevant international organizations.


On 29 March 1996, the European Parliament and the Council established a Community programme to support cultural and artistic activities having a European dimension (Kaleidoscope) for the period 1996-1998. The financial allocation for the programme during that period was ECU 26.5 million. The decision provided for suitable measures to be taken to avoid interruption of the programme pending the adoption of a new programme. This document is a proposal to amend Regulation No 719/96/EC to extend the Kaleidoscope programme to 31 December 1999 with a financial allocation of EUR 34.4 million.

The KALEIDOSCOPE programme complements the ARIANE and RAPHAEL programmes in the cultural field, as well as other programmes in the education and training fields. The Commission has published proposals for a single overall Community cultural programme (CULTURE 2000) during 1998, which will bring together all the activities presently addressed under different programmes.


Three types of action: - Cultural events and projects carried out in partnership or through networks; - Large-scale European cooperative projects; - European City of Culture scheme and the European cultural month.


The programme will be implemented by the Commission assisted by an advisory Committee consisting of Member State representatives. The scheme will be monitored on the basis of standing instruments whose main function is to ascertain to what extent the selection criteria for projects are being met. The selection criteria for projects are: - European added value; - The number of Member States involved in cooperation projects (most require a minimum number of three); - The cultural and artistic standard and the innovative nature of the proposed scheme; - Encouragement for artistic creation; - Promotion of cultural exchanges; - Establishment of lasting cooperation; - Promotion of access to culture; - Potential social and economic impact; - Scope for assessment on completion of the project; An internal evaluation of the first two years of the implementation of the programme (1996-1997) will be carried out in 1998. It will involve an assessment of the first positive results, particularly in the light of the pilot schemes carried out before the programme was adopted. An additional external evaluation of the programme will also be carried out in 1998.



1 January 1996


31 December 1999

Programme funding:

€ 34.4 million

Official Journal reference:

L 99 of 1996-04-20