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Specific challenge: A number of EU regions are confronted with manure surpluses due to intensive livestock production. While large amounts of animal manure pose a management challenge for the livestock industry, its conversion into bio-based chemicals can be turned into an economical solution. State-of-the-art manure-based processes, which are applied at small scale and mainly for the production of biogas alone, do not represent an economically viable alternative. The valorisation of manure requires the development and demonstration of large scale (centralised) concepts and the integration of advanced separation and conversion technologies in a cascading approach to transform manure into a range of higher added value products.

Scope: Demonstration of the techno-economic feasibility of a manure valorisation process, by centralised cascading processing into added-value biochemicals, including biogas. Proposals should aim for a demonstration unit in which technologies proven at lab-scale will be efficiently combined and scaled-up. Conversion of processing residues should deliver mineral-enriched products for soil fertilisation as well as other higher added value chemicals. Involvement of actors owning or having direct access to manure, as well as end-users of the fertilisers and chemicals is to be considered to ensure the viability of the developed concepts in the value chain. Proposals will consider standardisation related activities expected to facilitate the market uptake of the developed bioproducts.


It is considered that proposals with a total eligible budget of at least EUR 8 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals with another budget.

Expected impact:

·         Increasing cost–efficiency of manure processing towards a positive business case.

·         Reducing GHG emissions of manure by 30% as compared to conventional processes.

·         Turning negative value of manure into positive one, thus creating extra revenues for livestock industry currently coping with the manure as a costly problem.

Enabling the decision making process to move into industrial scale by the successful demonstration of the whole value-chain from manure to application.
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