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Programme funding

EUR 251,7 million

Official Journal Reference

L 286 of 1988-10-20

Legislative Reference

88/521/EEC of 1988-10-14
To enhance environmental and consumer protection and increase industrial safety, to provide the manufacturing industries of the Community with better access to a range of advanced cost-effectively produced materials, to pave the way for further harmonization and standardization in the industrial and energy fields, and to increase industrial competitivity by accelerating the transfer of JRC technology to industry.


The 1988-1991 programmes of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) covered by this Council Decision were part of the Community's second Framework programme for research and technological development (1987-1991) under two main lines of action: "Quality of life" and "Modernization of industrial sectors". JRC programmes executed during the same period in the field of nuclear energy were covered by Council Decision 88/522/Euratom of 14 October 1988 (Official Journal No L 286 of 20.10.1988).

Reorganized in 1988, the JRC consists of a Directorate-General in Brussels, two support units at Ispra and nine scientific institutes with facilities at Ispra, Karlsruhe, Petten and Geel.

The JRC's four-fold mission during the 1988-1991 period was to:
- Undertake specific programmes as part of the second Framework Programme;
- Perform services at the request of outside bodies and individuals;
- Provide scientific and technical support to Commission departments;
- Carry out exploratory research in preparation for new activities.


- Environmental protection;
- Application of remote sensing techniques;
- Industrial hazards;
- Advanced materials;
- Reference methods, reliability of structures;
- Reference methods for non-nuclear energies;
- Exploratory research.


The Commission, assisted by the board of governors of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), was responsible for implementing the programmes and, to this end, called upon the services of the JRC.

In cooperation with the Board of Governors, the Commission ensured that periodic consultation was maintained with the relevant management and coordination advisory committees (CGCs) or equivalent committees with a view to ensuring coordination and consistency of approach between shared-cost actions and JRC activities in the same areas.

The Commission submitted annual reports and a final report on the implementation of the programmes to the European Parliament and the Council.
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