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Programme funding

EUR 3,5 million
The 'Factory of Tomorrow' aims at zero-waste, zero-emission production and produces and provides products and services of tomorrow using materials of tomorrow to meet tomorrow's needs.
- development and market diffusion of components, technologies and methods which correspond to the main principles of sustainable development;
- integration of social, economic and ecological aims greatly increases the chances of success;
- innovation as the key to realising the goals of sustainability - not only technological but social, technological and institutional innovation;
- technological leaps which actually have a high market potential.


The Austrian Programme on Technologies for Sustainable Development is funded at the rate of 7. 0 M Euro per annum (p.a.). It comprises 3 sub-programmes listed below of which only the first one- 3.2.1- is relevant to sustainable industrial production and thus it is the only one presented in the service.
3.2.1 Factory of Tomorrow
Budget: 3,5 M EURO p.a.
3.2.2 Building of Tomorrow
3.2.3 Energy Systems of Tomorrow.


Following fields of activity are covered:
- Sustainable technologies and innovations in production processes and production systems
- Production technologies management systems
- Key-technologies
- Product-service systems
- Use of renewable raw materials - 'resources of tomorrow'.

Activities supported by the sub-programme 'Factory of Tomorrow':
- Generation of innovative approaches and project definitions
- Activities focusing on fundamental research
- Applied research and development
- Networking and cooperation between individual projects
- Support for implementation (promotion, training etc.)
- Pilot and demonstration projects

Accompanying measures:
- Active programme assistance
- Support for pilot and demonstration projects
- Information and dissemination activities
- Project competitions
- Occupational skill enhancement activities
- Academic spin-off programmes.


PARTICIPATION RULES for 'Factory of Tomorrow'

Following organisations are addressed to apply for the programme:
- Companies
- Researchers and research institutions
- Consulting and service companies.

The first call for tenders 2000 within the sub-programme "Factory of Tomorrow" opened from 16.10.2000 to 15.01.2001. It covered all the fields of activities given above. The second call for tenders was opened on 25 April 2002 and will remain open until 31 August 2002. It addresses key questions in all fields of activities with the exception of "product-service-systems" and will be followed by a third call in early 2003 covering the same thematic areas. Projects must be submitted in German language. All detailed information related to the call and assistance is provided by TRUST CONSULT Management Consultancy Ltd.


Each year there is an invitation of tenders on a specific topic. The projects submitted will be evaluated by an international jury.

The main evaluation criteria are covered by "Seven Guiding Principles of Sustainability":
- Orientation towards benefit and need
- Efficient use of resources
- Use of renewable resources
- Multiple use and recycling
- Flexibility and adaptability
- Fault tolerance and risk precaution
- Securing employment, income and quality of life.

In addition to the "Guiding Principles of Sustainability" the following criteria will be taken into account:
- Contribution to the overall goal
- Scientific excellence
- Technical novelty and level of innovation
- Appropriateness, clarity and consistency of the method
- Professional aptitude and managerial skill
- Quality of the presentation of possible barriers to implementation
- Integration of several thematic aspects of the subprogramme.

Specially for "General and Economy-Oriented Basic Research":
- Quality of the exploitation strategy
- Potential benefit.


New Production Processes
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