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Programme funding

EUR 21 million
Rembrand invites networked companies, research institutes and other organisations that develop and produce innovative service solutions for the customers of the real estate cluster to join the Programme.
A multidisciplinary approach and cross-sectoral interaction is called for in order to reach these mutual objectives. Networking and interaction between different parties is expected to yield innovative solutions for customer relationship management.


Finland is making a major effort to develop world-class know-how in Real Estate Management and Services. The Rembrand Technology Programme was launched in May 1999 as a result of an extensive feasibility study carried out during 1997-1999.

Responding to the New Economy
In the New Economy, the customers do not only look for goods or services, they want both. Hence, the product is sold as a part of service. Businesses are shifting their focus from product exchange towards customer relationship management. The new focus gives an opportunity to redefine the substance and meaning of 'technology'. Facilities are seen as a part of a total, ongoing service offering, dedicated to enhancing the well-being of the end-user and promoting the core functions of the clients.

Led by the National Technology Agency, the Real Estate Cluster in Finland is responding to the challenges of the customer relationship approach. The ambition of the Rembrand Technology Programme is to direct development effort into creating a service-orientated real estate cluster by generating fresh ideas, new processes and modes of operation. The Programme seeks to promote and encourage the creation of new customer service products and concepts of space, and to enhance the functionality of the existing building stock and the efficiency of information transfer.

The Rembrand Technology Programme is coordinated by the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI). Total funding for the five-year Programme is EUR 21 million, half funded by industry and half by Tekes.


1. Service Concepts; globally competitive service concepts that rely on partnerships and networks
2. Transparent Real Estate Markets; creating transparent markets and transparent organisational cultures in real estate functions
3. Real Estate Business; efficient use of capital and knowledge to support the core business of the customer
4. Life-cycle collaboration models; life-cycle collaboration concepts and agreements that functionally integrate the sectors into a service-orientated real estate cluster
5. New housing and working environments; producing and maintaining environments that support the core functions and enhance the well-being of end-users
6. Research, Development and Education; integrated education and R&D to enhance the speed of technology transfer


The Rembrand Technology Programme seeks to include networked organisations with special interest to develop new service concepts in the real estate and construction sectors. Multidisciplinary approach and cooperation between different subsectors of the cluster is highly recommended.
The Rembrand Technology Programme cordially welcomes international partners to develop the real estate cluster into a service-orientated industry that enables its clients to prosper!

Active development and strengthening international cooperation is a key Tekes priority, with a particular focus on collaborative projects yielding the maximum mutual benefit. One-third of the projects financed by Tekes annually involve some aspect of international cooperation.

A foreign company or research unit located in Finland that would like to access Tekes' funding and services is fully able to do so, as the same principles and criteria are applied as for as any Finnish company. Tekes technology programmes also warmly welcome foreign partners to participate whenever the win-win principle is fulfilled.

Open Call for Proposals for Companies
Companies and corporations are invited to submit their proposals on a continuous basis.
Open Call for Proposals for Research Institutes
Research institutes are invited to submit proposals on a continuous basis.
Evaluation Procedure at Tekes

Tekes encourages the project or research groups to be in contact with the Programme personnel before submitting a proposal. The duration of the final evaluation procedure at Tekes is approximately 1 - 3 months. Expenses of the eligible projects are acceptable costs from the beginning of the proposal reception month.

How to Prepare a Proposal
Currently, the application forms are not available in English. Information on the Programmes and instructions for proposal preparation and submission can be obtained at the Tekes Client Service Desk.
Tekes Client Service Desk
tel. intl. +358-10 521 5050


New Production Processes
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