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Programme funding

EUR 20 million
The programme has the goal to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the process industries through development of tools, models and methods for the design, optimisation, operation and management of these industries.


Enhancing the Value Chain Management by the Process Integration Technology Programme.
The Process Integration Technology Programme of the National Technology Agency (Tekes) was started in the beginning of year 2000. The term Process Integration has been given a broad meaning in the programme. The programme supports industrial process technology development projects in which energy, material or information flows are involved.
The programme covers generic optimization and design methods as well as methods for information management during the life-time of a process or a production plant. The overall mission of the programme is to enhance the value chain management of the processing industries.

The level of public research funding for the programme is EUR 1.2 million (FIM 7 million) a year. Additional funding will be allocated to process integration R&D projects implemented by enterprises. Total funding for the programme is expected to amount to EUR 16 million (FIM 100 million) over the four-year period.

Industrial processes have become more complex because of increased demands on quality, effectiveness, safety and environmental protection. On the other hand the increased calculation capacity and speed of computers have given new opportunities to analyse, simulate and optimise processes taking into account much larger number of interacting variables.

In process integration the production plant and its processes are analysed in a global manner to find the ways how the available resources can best be used in respect to the whole plant.

What is Process Integration?
Process Integration means design, operation and management of industrial processes with system-oriented models and methods.


The programme is focused on three main development areas:
- Development of Methodologies for Process Optimisation and Design
- Development of Methodologies for Information Management
- Development of Process Integration Measurement Tools


Kindly ask the application instructions from Programme Coordinator, see contact information.


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