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Framework programme


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Programme funding

EUR 10,6 million

Official Journal Reference

L 286 of 1988-10-20

Legislative Reference

88/521/CEE of 1988-10-14
To pursue further development of the reference methods needed for solar/photovoltaic and thermal energy conversion systems with particular reference to the improvement of characterization methods for new photovoltaic semiconductor materials and the enhancement of performance evaluation.


Part of the Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (1987-1991) under sub- activity 3.4: "Technical standards, measurement methods and reference materials".

Certification procedures for industrial solar energy (photovoltaic/thermal) will be implemented using the ESTI (European Solar Test Installation) facilities at the Ispra establishment of the Joint Research Centre (JRC).


Solar/photovoltaic and energy systems:
The development of low-cost advanced energy audit techniques and analysis tools for low energy buildings as well as prenormative research (including calibration and testing) in fields related to solar/photovoltaic, active, passive and energy conservation systems.


The Commission, assisted by the board of governors of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), is responsible for implementing this programme, which is executed by the JRC's Institute for System Engineering at Ispra.

In cooperation with the board of governors, the Commission ensures that periodic consultation is maintained with the relevant Management and Coordination Advisory Committees (CGCs) or equivalent committees with a view to ensuring coordination and consistency between shared-cost actions and JRC activities in the same areas.

The JRC's Materials Information Centre acts as a permanent interface with industry and ensures the early dissemination of results and data to potential users.

Before 31 March each year the Commission submits a report on implementation of the programme to the European Parliament and the Council. It will subsequently submit a final evaluation report prepared by a panel of external experts.
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