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The objective of this programme is to provide additional Community financial incentive to those national research programmes that pool financial resources to organise a joint call for proposals; ERA-NET Plus is designed to be applied only in certain cases, which represent a particular European added value.

ERA-NET Plus actions provide a new type of funding opportunity for researchers to enter into transnational research projects. In this respect, because of its close links to national programmes, ERA-NET Plus actions provide for fast, easy and simple ways to set up transnational projects. ERA-NET Plus actions under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) may complement other actions funded under the FP7 itself.


ERA-NET Plus actions comprise the launching, managing and financing of a joint call between several national programmes. They require programme owners or programme managers from at least five different Member or Associated States to plan a single joint call with a financial commitment from the participating national research programmes. The main deliverable of an ERA-NET Plus joint call shall be an agreed list of selected transnational projects for funding and the formal commitment of the participating programmes to finance these projects. The Community can subsequently agree on a 'topping up' of the call result, up to one-third of the total cumulative joint call budget. The main result of the ERA-NET Plus actions will be transnational projects addressing predefined areas of common interest between the Community and a certain number of Member States. The main characteristics of an ERA-NET Plus actions are once more summarised below. ERA-NET Plus means:

- one joint call to be implemented per proposal;
- participation of at least five MS (Member States) or AS (Associated States) in the joint call;
- minimum financial volume of the joint call: €5 million;
- joint evaluation of proposals, based on international peer review;
- only transnational projects can be financed out of the joint call for proposals.

Where the actions are of a horizontal nature or not directly linked to the ten themes of the cooperation programme, they will be supported jointly across all of the themes of the Cooperation programme.

Eligible partners for ERA-NET Plus actions are only:
- programme owners: typically national ministries/regional authorities responsible for defining, financing or managing research programmes carried out at national or regional level;
- programme 'managers' (such as research councils or funding agencies) or other national or regional organisations that implement research programmes under the supervision of the programme owners.

In addition to the minimum number of eligible participants, other private legal entities (e.g. charities) managing research programmes may participate if their participation is well justified and adds value to the joint call of the ERA-NET Plus action. Research organisations or universities which are not programme owners or managers are not eligible ERA-NET Plus participants.

For ERA-NET Plus actions, the minimum number of eligible participants has been set at five independent legal entities funding or managing national research programmes, of which each is established in a different Member State or Associated country.

Sole participants may participate under the condition that the above-mentioned specific criteria for eligible ERA-NET partners are respected. In the case of ERA -NET Plus actions, sole participants should provide evidence that the sole legal entity itself is necessary for the action and is either programme owner or manager on behalf of its members (meaning it can take or deliver the financial commitment decisions together with its national funding of its members) concerning the respective national programmes which are at the disposal of the proposed ERA-NET Plus action. A sole participant shall explicitly indicate in its partner description, which of its 'members programmes' are financing the ERA-NET Plus joint call.


'Coordination and support actions' (CSA) will be the funding scheme to be used for ERA-NET Plus actions. An ERA-NET Plus action will support two types of activities as being eligible for funding:

- the launching and managing of the joint call (small and limited share of the Community funding);
-topping up of the joint call budget (vast majority of the Community funding).

ERA-NET Plus activities should be strictly related to the launching and managing of the joint call and the final selection and funding decisions of the transnational projects.


'Coordination and support actions' (CSA) will be the funding scheme to be used for ERA-NET Plus actions. The Community contribution shall take the form of a grant, which will combine the reimbursement of eligible costs and a flat rate contribution. The eligible cost can cover up to 100% of the additional activities related to the launching and the managing of the joint call, while the flat rate contribution shall be used for topping up the joint call budget. The maximum of one-third Community contribution to the joint call budgets includes both: the reimbursement of the eligible cost (small part for launching the call) and the flat rate (major part as funding contribution to the joint call). The duration of an ERA-NET Plus should normally not exceed five years.
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