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Programme funding

EUR 226,4 million

Official Journal Reference

L 90 of 1976-04-03

Legislative Reference

76/345/Euratom of 1976-03-25
To carry out research on fusion and plasma, including research relating to confinement and the production of plasmas, diagnostic methods and thermonuclear reactor technology.


Like its predecessors, this sixth Community programme in the field of fusion and plasma physics was carried out in accordance with the 1957 Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom). It formed part of a long-term cooperative effort embracing all work carried out in the field in the Member States and was designed to lead in due course to the joint construction of prototypes with a view to their industrial-scale production and marketing.

Beginning with this programme the Council adopted the principle of the "sliding" programme whereby a new five-year Fusion programme is adopted every three years. Thus the first two years of the new programme coincide with the last two years of the previous programme. Authorized appropriations not used in the programme are carried over into the next.


Subject matter of the programme:

- General physics in the sector concerned, in particular studies of a basic character or relating to confinement with suitable devices and to methods for producing and heating plasma;
- Research into the confinement, in closed configurations, of plasma of widely varying density and temperature;
- Production of and research into plasma of high and very high density;
- Improvement of diagnostic methods;
- Investigation into technological problems connected with current research and problems relating to thermonuclear reactor technology;
- Implementation of the Joint European Torus (JET) project.


The Commission was responsible for the implementation of the programme.

Implementation of the Joint European Torus (JET) project was entrusted to the JET Joint Undertaking, established for a period of twelve years from 1 June 1978 by Council Decision 78/471/Euratom (Official Journal No L 151 of 7.6.1978). Responsibility for the Joint Undertaking was vested in the JET Council (assisted by the JET Executive Committee and the JET Scientific Council) and in the Director of the JET project.

Other projects were carried out by means of association or limited duration contracts designed to yield the results necessary for implementation of the programme.

After conducting a technical examination of the various projects proposed, the Commission was authorized to finance, within the upper limits given below in millions of units of account (u.a.), the following operations, which were to be accorded priority status by the liaison group:
- Tokamak systems and JET (50)
- High-beta systems (20)
- Low-beta systems (Stellarator) (5)
- Heating and injection processes (12)
- Technology (18)
- Very high density processes (2)

Within the upper limit of 124 million u.a., a maximum amount of 39 million u.a. was available to finance the above-mentioned operations, at a standard preferential rate of participation not exceeding 45%. In return, all partner associations had the right to take part in the experiments carried out with this equipment. A maximum amount of 4 million u.a. was set for administrative costs and for expenditure intended to ensure the mobility of research staff of the Member States. A maximum sum estimated at 102.4 million u.a. was indicated to finance the first half of the construction phase of the JET Project with a participation rated at 80%.

The Euratom Treaty requires that the Commission submit annual reports to the Council on the implementation of the research and training programmes in the field of nuclear energy and that it keep the Economic and Social Committee informed of their broad outlines. Concerning the dissemination of information over which the Community has power of disposal, the Commission may grant licences and sub-licences on terms to be agreed with the licensees.


Nuclear Fusion
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