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  • Research programme (Euratom, EEC) to be implemented by the Joint Research Centre - Thermonuclear fusion technology -, 1980-1983

Successor programme


Programme funding

EUR 26,1 million

Official Journal Reference

L 72 of 1980-03-18

Legislative Reference

80/317/CEE, Euratom of 1980-03-13
To identify and solve some of the key issues for the construction of the experimental machine after JET (NET/INTOR; INTOR=International Tokamak Reactor) and for the demonstration power reactor (DEMO).


The fusion activities of the Community's Joint Research Centre (JRC) are integrated with the overall Community programme on fusion. The Ispra Establishment of the JRC has served as a reference centre for the preliminary phase of the Next European Torus (NET) design, the successor of JET. The JRC's effort focused on the engineering conceptual design of the NET/INTOR reactor and on the experimental sorting and development of first wall, structural and breeding materials.


Five projects:

- Conceptual studies on fusion reactors;

- Blanket technology studies;

- Studies on structural materials;

- Studies on advanced materials;

- Operation of the cyclotron.


Information not presently available.


Nuclear Fusion - Safety
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