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Uniform interface to grid services


The UniGridS project will develop a Grid Service infrastructure compliant with the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA). It is based on the UNICORE Grid software initially developed in the German UNICORE and UNICORE Plus projects and extended in the EU funded EUROGRID and GRIP projects. These demonstrated the development of an effective Grid, the use of applications in a Grid environment and the interoperability between the Globus Toolkit 2 and UNICORE. The guiding principle of the project will be both to adopt and to influence standards in key project areas.

Additional generic software components for visualisation and steering of simulations, remote device monitoring and control will be developed to broaden the applicability of Grid computing to new scientific and technological areas. Access to distributed data and databases will be integrated from previous European Grid projects. A framework for quality of service and service level agreements will be designed to meet the requirements of industrial and business communities. Dynamic virtual organisations will be supported by enhancing the UNICORE security infrastructure to allow different usage models such as delegation and collective authentication. UniGridS will develop translation mechanisms, such as resource ontologies, to interoperate with other OGSA compliant systems. At the same time UniGridS will target Grid economics by developing a SLA framework and cross-Grid brokering services.

The project developments will be proven in scientific and industrial domains, namely biomolecular and computational biology, and geophysical depth imaging by oil companies. The UniGridS project will cooperate with other European projects, particularly Integrated Projects in FP6. It will make its results available to them on a timely basis and solicit their requirements to influence the software development process.

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