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IPv6 task force steering committee


The Project objective is to encourage the deployment of IPv6 by 2005 on a larger scale in Europe. While other regions, in particular the Asia-Pacific Rim, are currently in real deployment phase in many business sectors, manufacturing new products and services, Europe is still waiting for a strong market message to move forward. Some sectors show even reluctance to consider IPv6 while they are still struggling in the current economic climate.

The prime goal of this project is to focus on the coordination of a harmonized European IPv6 deployment roadmap, addressing the fundamental challenges (simple economical solutions, security, political, policy and market requirements) to reinforce and stimulate in Europe wide-spread deployment of IPv6 over broadband networks, leading to innovative applications and services.

The Objectives of the proposed work are in direct support of the eEurope 2005 action plan and can be summarized as follows:
- Draft a European IPv6 deployment roadmap and a strategic vision for the future of IPv6 in Europe.
- Coordinate the European National Task Forces and provide guidance to meet the goals of eEurope2005.
- Monitor, analyze, and report on European and global IPv6 deployment progress by basic benchmarking using input from the European national and International IPv6 Task Forces and other related activities.
- Identify and pursue the means of accelerating IPv6 deployment in different economic sectors.
- Disseminate and exchange information with international bodies and organizations, by establishing closer links and constructing a European IPv6 web portal.
- Target European industry and commercial organizations which stand the benefit in the short to mid-term.

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