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Technologies for road advanced cooperative knowledge sharing sensors


The problem of safety in transport is especially acute in the case of road networks. To confront this the EC has proposed to reduce by 50% the number of road fatalities by 2010. Nowadays, safety relies most of the time in autonomous or stand-alone systems, which offer without any doubt room for some improvements.

In order to overcome the visible limitations of those systems, there is a need for another class of solution: Co-operative Transport Systems (CTS), whose intelligence is distributed/shared between road infrastructure and vehicles, compromising innovative approaches on transport safety and efficiency. To that end, TRACKSS has a strategic goal: enabling a breakthrough in the current systems for sensing and predicting flow, infrastructure and environmental conditions surrounding traffic, with a view to improve road transport operations safety and efficiency.

The project will:
- Improve and develop a number of breakthrough sensing technologies.
- Develop a new model for knowledge sharing between sensors.
- Use advanced data fusion techniques and a DSS to assess and predict safety and efficiency conditions of the transport network.
- Develop an architecture and define an operational framework, ensuring the compatibility of the project results with the e-Safety overall architectures.
- Validate the project results through 3 pilots
Undoubtedly, today available (or under development) technologies enable the improvement of not only sensing systems, but also the way these systems share information.

The key idea to have mind when reading this proposal and the base and goal of TRACKSS is: Smarter systems demand smarter sensors; cooperative systems require cooperative sensors. And last but not least in order to ensure interoperable throughout the European road network and to achieve the critical mass, the majority of TRACKSS consortium members are strategic ITS players at national level - e.g. INRETS, ETRA, TRL-, and some at global level - e.g. BOSCH, TRW, CRF-.

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