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Inhalt archiviert am 2024-05-29

Cooperative and opportunistic communications in Wireless Networks


Cooperation and opportunism are two concepts that have recently revolutionized the way engineers think about wireless system design. Both have their origin at information theoretic studies and target the maximization of the spectral and power efficiency at the system level. Successful incorporation of these concepts in wireless system standards requires the solution of difficult theoretical and practical problems. Consequently, these concepts are expected to be long-term research topics of fundamental nature in the communications area.

We plan to:

1. explore performance limits of cooperative and opportunistic schemes (e.g. information theoretic analysis of combined cooperative-opportunistic schemes, large system analysis for gain quantification of cooperative schemes) and multi-user diversity with limited feedback;

2. develop efficient strategies and coding schemes for cooperative and opportunistic communications, maximizing diversity and coding gain under various operational scenarios (homogeneous versus inhomogeneous channel statistics, full versus partial channel knowledge, codes for a combined cooperative-opportunistic scenario);

3. develop efficient resource allocation with limited feedback, including decentralized resource allocation, by targeting the optimal exploitation of various grades of channel information at the transmitters (full, partial, statistical);

4. implement selected cooperative and opportunistic schemes on a test-bed, in order to fully understand practical implementation constraints, assess the benefits of cooperation and opportunism in realistic environments, and support proof-of-concept.

The goal is to attain an order of magnitude higher aggregate data rates than what is currently envisioned in 4G research, while supporting much tighter QoS guarantees.

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