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Innovative optoelectronic and acoustic sensing technologies for large scale forest fire long term monitoring


The problem of forest fires detection and monitoring is repeating every year with the same devastating effects on quality of life in wooded areas. Early detection and accurate monitoring remain the most important objectives to achieve to improve the effects of extinguishing operation, to increase the probability of fire confining, and thus to reduce damage to people and goods, and also costs for emergency management.

State of the art technology for fire detection, essentially based on infrared cameras and remote sensing, seems to be inadequate for a large scale forest fire long term monitoring, as it cannot guarantee, at low costs, both spatial and time continuity.

The EU-FIRE project will overcome the current limits through the exploitation of new technologies, and will provide the following breakthrough advancements:
(1) A completely new design of acoustic systems for volumetric scanning, contributing to give a deeper monitoring of forest safety through the possibility to detect and track fires from the beginning by recognizing of its acoustic emission spectrum;
(2) A completely new design of fibre optic sensors networks and optoelectronic piloting units for the detection of changes in fire associated parameters, such as temperature and gaseous emission, to realize protection rings around sensible structures;
(3) A new acquisition unit for data collection from innovative units as well as from traditional sensors, such as cameras, anemometer, hygrometer, and manometer.

The full exploitation of the EU-FIRE scientific and technological results will lead, in the mid-term, to the provision of improved performance detection systems, and, in long term, to the establishment of a common European model for forest fire monitoring.

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