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Distant early warning System


The Distant Early Warning System (DEWS) proposal addresses the present major shortcomings and important societal problems related to early warning systems for tsunamis and other coastal hazards. DEWS will develop an innovative platform and services for the disaster management cycle between GITEWS hazard detection and warning/alarm. DEWS software will include models for tsunami wave spreading, assessment of vulnerabilities/consequences of natural disasters and systems for monitoring and crisis management, including information and decision support.

Early warning distribution architectures will be developed, including systems for prompt local warning of citizens and managing efficiently tsunami hazards and natural disasters in general. The project will provide an important innovative research contribution and improve EU competitiveness in the crisis management area. DEWS will build on existing capacities, cooperate with other EU research and develop a platform and services, allowing for flexible practical implementation to meet different requirements in countries. DEWS will have interoperability with international cooperation mechanisms, including UNESCO-IOC, to ensure relevance and transferability of results to other tsunami-prone areas.

DEWS will develop integrators for sensors and sensor networks, information logistics and dissemination modules, an early warning and warning distribution system, integrators for systems for local warning of the public, information and decision support products and a service bus. Testing will ensure future implementation and exploitation in different parts of the Indian Ocean Region. End-users will be involved in the development and testing to ensure the practical usefulness of the results. The consortium consists of large and small partners from EU MS and INCO countries, combining qualified technological competence and application experience. Exploitation and dissemination of results will be an important task for the project.

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