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Application Enabler Technology for Factory Automation


The experiment tests an evolutionary software development process in a typical distributed, heterogeneous, real time monitoring and control system in a factory automation environment.
The key objectives for this new software development process are time to market reduction (fast prototyping) and quality improvement (analysis, documentation).
The experiment will make use of Application Enabler technology.
Application Enablers (AEs) are development environments for easy and fast software production. They are typically Graphical User Interface (GUI) based environments with graphical languages that can express high level logic and provide strong debugging and tuning tools.
AEs can complement the traditional Application Programming Interface (API) approach, accelerating the application development and allowing a more frequent interaction between the final user and the system integrator. This approach will make possible to immediately verify if the implementation meets the original specifications, with expected great benefits in the application quality.

Other objectives of the experiment are the re-use of software components (the exploitation of libraries of reusable classes during the analysis) and the re-use of architectural components with the exploitation of the new concept of patterns (standard architectural modules) during the design. The software re-use concept addresses also the robustness of applications which are made of well tested components.

For the experiment we have selected an Enabling Technology adopting the Object Oriented (OO) modelling technique called G++ using with an integrated prototypic will be generated starting from the current BASEstar Open product.

The results of the experiment could be disseminated both internally to DIGITAL and externally to users.


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