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Twinning for excellence of the Serbian Research center for quantum biophotonics

Project description

Fostering research and innovation in quantum biophotonics in Serbia

Biophotonics is a multidisciplinary scientific field with potentially high-impact applications in many sectors such as medicine, pharmacology, agriculture and environmental protection. Quantum biophotonics is an emergent field that allows making sensitive, reliable and traceable measurements in a bio-environment. The EU-funded BioQantSense project aims to raise the excellence and reputation of the Institute of Physics Belgrade (IPB) in Serbia especially in the field of quantum biophotonics. To that end, it will twin the IPB with two other renowned European research institutions. The project will help improve the management, administration and organisation skills of the IPB in international research and innovation activities.


The project objective is to raise the excellence and reputation of the Institute of physics (IPB) in all scientific, management, and administrational aspects relevant for international R&I activities. In this context, the emerging scientific field of quantum bio-photonics will be systematically developed and all aspects of classical bio-photonics are going to be significantly improved. The final goal is to establish a quantum biophotonics center at IPB, with scientific excellence and a research light house character. This development will be a result of a tailored institutional strategy for IPB and knowledge transfer through strategic networking with two high-profile European partners, Friedrich-Schiller University Jena (FSU) and the Italian National Research Council (CNR). Quantum bio-photonics is an emerging field for ultra-sensitive and reliable measurements in a wide bio-environment since classical metrology cannot successfully meet the increasing demand for higher sensitivity. Bio-photonics is a concrete, multidisciplinary scientific field with potentially high-impact applications in medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, environmental protection. Therefore, it is crucial that an institutional strategy should include a tailored scientific strategy addressing this specific scientific field.
A scientific exploratory project will include the development of all relevant methods and practices learned from the European partners. A long-term partner of IPB, the Faculty of biology University of Belgrade, is included to help IPB biologists in choosing, preparing and cultivating suitable biosamples.
In particular, the project consortium is pursuing the following project goals regarding the expansion and strengthening of the resources and know at IPB:
i) developing a short-term institutional strategy including excellent research at IPB based on strong development of quantum biophotonics,
ii) improving management, administration, and organization skills in IPB, utilizing


Net EU contribution
€ 487 000,00
11080 Beograd

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Србија - север Београдски регион Београдска област
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Research Organisations
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€ 487 500,00

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