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FUlly Numerical strategY for SUrrogate modelling of Monopile Offshore wind turbines

Project description

Paving the way for offshore wind turbine technology

Wind energy holds promise, yet the unpredictable dance of currents, waves and wind poses a challenge for offshore wind turbines. Monopile offshore wind turbines (MOWTs) grapple with these environmental loads, calling for a breakthrough in precision modelling. With the support of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, the FUNnY-SUMO project will develop an accurate 3D numerical model for MOWTs. Specifically, the project aims to usher in a new era of data-driven design, tackling the intricacies of offshore environments. Its objective is to craft a precise 3D numerical model that factors in environmental forces like currents, waves and wind. This will serve as a high-fidelity foundation for a surrogate model, propelling data-driven design in the evolution of MOWTs.


The main objective of FUNnY SUMO is to develop a highly accurate 3D numerical model of monopile offshore wind turbines (MOWT) considering simultaneously all the environmental loads (current + waves + wind), to be used as a high-fidelity model for the definition of a surrogate model that enables the application of data-driven design in the next generation of MOWTs. This project will set the playground for the next generation of offshore data-driven wind turbines and will have an impact on the European industry while boosting the candidate’s applied-research career. The CFD and Surrogate models will be validated with a recent experimental study by FUNnY SUMO’s secondment. The method will be divided mainly into two parts; First is CFD modeling, where a CFD model will be developed for each load acting on the MOWT, and then integration in a complete CFD model of the current + waves + wind effects on the MOWT, aiming at 80% accuracy relative to experimental measurements. The second is developing three Surrogate models using the CFD results. This project is divided into 5 Work Packages (WPs) to efficiently achieve the specific objectives of this proposal. WP1 deals with management, The Specific objectives will be addressed within WP2–4, where WP2 considers Meshing and model settings, WP3 is the validation of numerical models, WP4 deals with the Surrogate model definition, and WP5 addresses the Dissemination activities. The results of the project will facilitate Europe’s energy independence by bolstering innovative design processes in MOWTs based on the application of surrogate models (SM). Furthermore advanced MOWTs will be manufactured and deployed in the EU’s geographical area.


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