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Customized Establishment of Measurement Programs


The objectives of CEMP are to introduce GQM(Goal-Question-Metrics-Model technology i.e. a goal-oriented approach to software measurement) into a sample set of European software companies to assess and improve certain aspects of their software development processes, to derive replicable data regarding cost and benefits from these practical experiences, and to provide guidelines and heuristics for effective wide-spread use of GQM in establishing measurement programs customized to the specific goals and characteristics of European companies across country and sector boundaries. The proposed application experiment is aimed at applying the GQM technology to the assessment and improvement of (i) the reliability of delivered products, and (ii) the reusability within the employed development processes. In order to increase replicability of the results, the application experiment is replicated at three representative European software companies: Schlumberger, Robert-Bosch, and DEC Italy. These three experiment replications span three countries (France, Germany, Italy) and three major industrial sectors (energy, motor vehicles and information technology). Expected results are (i) data regarding the cost/benefit ratio in the application of GQM generalised from the replicated experiment, and (ii) a report of guidelines and heuristics enabling the customzied establishment of measurement programs across European software industries.

GQM stands for Goal-Question-Metrics-Model and was initially developed in Prof. Basili's research group at the University of Maryland, USA.The essence of this model is to extract from the software process quantitative information which is related to company goals. The derived set of data constitute the baseline for subsequent improvement actions and their verification by repeated measurement of the same data items.

GQM derives the metrics to be used from a thorough analysis of goals and associated questions to be answered quantitatively. Therefore using GQM results in an individual set of metrics which is tailored to the specific context of the software process and its environment to be measured. Different software processes and their environments are generally associated with different sets of metrics; they may also be identical. But in any case they have to be derived from and verified relative to the individual environment.

To be meaningful a data set based on the GQM technology has to cover all important issues of the software process. However for the introduction of this technology collecting only a few selected data items relative to the most important goals is a proven approach.

GQM will allow to set up a transparent, effective and coherent system for quality control and improvement in software development.

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