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The Prevention of Errors through Experience-Driven Test Efforts


The application experiment will be performed on a next generation of products with a known background both in terms of application domain and in terms of development environment. In the course of development of the previous generations error logs have been generated. These error logs will be analysed and common causes of errors found.

A test strategy will then be defined and implemented before the next generation of products is developed. Error logs will be collected and analysed during and after the development, and compared to the previous error logs to measure the effect of the preventive test strategy.

Through the experiment we will also obtain an improvement in the efficiency of the testing process.

The products are from two different application domains: High-precision measurement instruments and distributed refrigeration control systems. Both products rely on embedded software.

The intent is to cover most of the software life cycle through two separate set of activities. One set of activities, executed by Brüel & Kjær, is aimed at improving the efficiency of the testing process from the coding phase and past delivery to customers. The second set of activities, executed by Danfoss, is aimed at improving the efficiency of the testing process by improving the testability of specification documents.

This experiment will be relevant for the development of software for other embedded processor controlled products in our companies as well as in the industry in general.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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Danfoss A/S