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Renovate Applications and Optimize Developments through Quality Assurance and Code Restructuring


Our information system is built from old applications (developed with cobol) and from new ones developed with the Pacbase case tool As there are many interfaces between the applications, our Information System has a high level of integration. Therefore, improving the quality of the Information System means improving the quality of all the applications.

Our objective is to improve and control the quality of the software produced:

for the projects developed with PACBASE, through the use of a quality control tool such as LOGISCOPE made by VERILOG or PAC QUALITY CONTROL from CGI.

and for the older applications developed with COBOL by restructuring, using the Logiscope restructures, the programs that are difficult to maintain.

The objectives of the experiment are:

- for the projects: using quality control tools on a pilot project
( size :about 2000 man days )
- for the applications developed with COBOL: to restructure 300000
COBOL lines ensuring the functional identity between the original
programs and the restructured programs.

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