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Integration of New Methods and High Productivity Tools to Improve the Software Development Process for Business Applications


Main objective of the application experiment is to specify, test and evaluate a methodology to combine the usage of state-of-the-art high productivity tools with methods of classical software engineering to obtain a method for Rapid Application Development. Experience has shown that the only use of tools without embedding them into the appropriate segments of the software life cycle does not improve the overall process.

Effective usage of new tools requires new methods and will alter the classical methods of software engineering. Productivity tools like GainMomentum and test tools like XRunner will lead to a totally different approach in developing business applications. Instead of the classical 'taylorisation' of applications into horizontal layers the new approach enables the definition of vertical sections representing the underlying business processes which then can be realised in its entirety by spiralling towards the intended application.

It is expected that this approach will lead to substantially lower development efforts and costs as well and also will improve the quality of new application software and subsequent enhancements.

Within this application experiment it is intended to specify, test and evaluate this new approach by applying the new methodology to the development of the following prototypes in three different areas of business:

* Object oriented user interface for a Drugs Information System (Pharmaceutical Industry),

* Object oriented user interface and on line help for Network Management System (Telecommunications),

* Object oriented user interface for a Customer Information System (Information Technology).

The new approach to develop business applications will be based oh an object oriented high-productivity tool, including state-of-the art user interface builder capabilities, hypermedia and multimedia features and integrated data base access, combined with test tools for graphical user interfaces and a project management system.

Major steps to achieve the overall goals are:

* Specifying a new method to develop typical business applications.

* Testing this new method by applying it to the development of prototypes.

* Verifying that this new method improves the whole process of developing business applications in respect of development speed and costs, product quality, robustness, quality of user interfaces and maintenance costs.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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