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Implementation and Evaluation of a Software Reuse Methodology


The objective of the application experiment is to develop and evaluate a methodology to introduce software reuse in the ELIOP software development process.

The experiment itself is split into a development phase and an evaluation phase. During the development phase the objectives are:

- Determine the impact of introducing software reuse in the current software process, and establish the general approach to introduce it. A specific consideration is devoted to the use of object oriented design and programming to implement reusable software.

- Perform a revision of the current software process, with special focus on the software reuse issues.

- Establish the experimental methodology to be used in the context of the experiment.

- Select and install the tools to support the experiment.

- Train the people involved in the experiment, about both tools and methods.

- Perform a reasonable number of activities according to the new methodology, in order to gain experience about it and be able to draw conclusions from them. When possible, these activities are done in the context of ongoing ELIOP projects.

The evaluation phase has the following objectives:

- Asses the results of the activities carried out according to the experimental methodology under evaluation.

- Evaluate the human and organizational aspects of software reuse practices.

- Review the methodology created during the development phase, and decide about its regular use.

- Draw the final conclusions from the experiment.


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