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Improved Methodology for the Design of Communication Protocols in Security Systems


The general objectives of the proposed action are:

- To improve the level of software engineering in DALCOTECH A/S from the customer specification phase all the way to the maintenance phase
- To decrease costs for development, test and error correction.

- To adopt techniques and procedures to support greater reuse of previous programs.

- To separate the design- and coding processes and document the design in a machine-independent way.

- To demonstrate successful co-operation between small developing companies and large research and education institutions both internally in the development of knowledge and practice inside company and externally in the dissemination of methods and results from the project to other interested companies.

The special objectives of the proposed action is to develop a firm and reusable basis for communication software for a flexible, self-configurating, secure computer network to be applied in two DALCOTECH A/S system products:

- A modular security system collecting and reacting to intruder alarms. The security system conforms to prevailing European and Scandinavian standards for alarm systems.

- A modular electronic system collecting information from data collecting energy- and resource meters and sensors.

For the application experiment, a revision of the security system will be used as the base-line project. The security system is briefly described below.

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