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Measurement as a Management Tool


Is our productivity increasing ?
How much effort do we spend on rework ?
Are the changes having the desired effect ?
These questions and others like them are often asked by IT Managers. Failing to use measurement means lost opportunities but companies cannot assume that their competitors are going to miss the opportunity.

The ESPRIT Project METKIT(Esprit 2384) addressed this problem by producing inter alia a range of training courses that showed IT Managers how to use measurement as a Management Tool.

The proposed dissemination activity will focus on using METKIT to show IT Managers how to use measurement to help to understand control and them improve software development.

Innovative features of the proposed dissemination action which builds on ESPRIT Technology Transfer projects AMI(Esprit 5494) & PYRAMID(Esprit 5425) are as follows:

* Use of Electronic Dissemination to reach a rapidly increasing number of software developers; managers & users
* Application of Statistical Design of Experiments to investigate the relative effectiveness of different dissemination channels and strategies as well as response differences by country/region and target type.
* Complementation of Broad Cross-European Coverage with an in-dept Focus on one Country Greece not in the original METKlT Consortium to act as a trial for subsequent focus in ESSI IT or otherwise on countries/regions which are less favoured.

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