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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-29

Developing Guidelines for the Successful Application and Implementation of Decision Support Systems in Water Resource Management


The proposed project seeks to increase acceptance of Decision Support Systems (DSS) in water resource management as the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) is implemented. The main project objective is to develop guidelines which facilitate the application and implementation of Decision Support Systems in specific cases and in the specific organisational context of water river authorities. By focusing on the successful and appropriate use of DSSs, these guidelines will complement efforts made by working grou ps under the Common Implementation Strategy, especially the guidelines on performing economic analysis of water uses and selecting a programme of measures to achieve the WFD¿s objectives. The proposed project will render the application of DSSs more operat ional and raise the likelihood of its outputs being accepted. The project is designed to achieve the following objectives: (i) to perform an inventory of the DSSs which have been developed for water resource management problems, especially those aimed at f acilitating the implementation of the Water Framework Directive; (ii) to establish a methodology to assess the appropriateness of DSSs in frequently encountered water resource management problems depending on the institutional set-up of water resource mana gement and the means available for solving the problem; and (iii) to further develop a set of exploratory case studies previously developed under research projects carried out by the host institution or myself. These case studies are based on close partner ships with river basin authorities. The aim of these studies is to test the established methodology for DSS evaluation; and to deliver a set of well-documented cases of DSS implementation and application in specific cases. Especially the risk of DSSs faili ng to be embraced as tools supporting the implementation of the WFD will be monitored in real-world situations.

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