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Content archived on 2024-06-16

ECVP/ESVP Summer School in Veterinary Pathology


Veterinary pathologists play key roles in health and welfare of man and animals. They contribute vital expertise to a wide range of fields, particularly food safety, monitoring of animal health and welfare, diagnosis of new emerging diseases, animal models for human diseases and development of new drugs for novel therapies of animal and human diseases. Their contribution is increasingly requested in wildlife conservation and epidemiological studies and in studies on wildlife as indicators of environmental health. Continued progress in these fields is essential for the EU population and has important economic consequences in the EU and globally. The European standard of veterinary pathology research, however, has in the past not been harmonised and careers developed only within national frameworks, culminating in an uneven level of training of researchers in the field. At the same time, a world-wide dearth of experienced researchers in veterinary pathology is observed, which places a severe constraint on scientific programmes in both academia and industry and represents a general societal problem due to the impact on human and animal health and welfare.

Addressing these issues, the European College and Society of Veterinary Pathologists are jointly establishing a series of four annual, high standard research training courses, comprising training for 80 young researchers in core skills and latest research techniques in veterinary pathology. The programme incorporates lectures, practicals, self-assessment and discussions, complemented by training in problem solving and complementary skills, provided by internationally renowned scientists from academia and industry. The project will:
(1) establish a harmonised Europe-wide high standard research training in veterinary pathology,
(2) substantially increase the number of highly qualified veterinary pathologists working in biomedical research and,
(3) create a Europe-wide network and international collaborations of researchers.

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