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Development of instantaneous low volume drop measurement device


Deerac Fluidics' is a leading developer and supplier of nanolitre and microlitre liquid handling instrumentation, which is used in RTD laboratories in the drug discovery, genomic and proteomic sectors. Deerac Fluidics' wishes to use the Marie Curie scheme a s a means to transfer additional skill sets into our organization - in particular expertise in electronic engineering, software, product development and molecular biology. Using these new skills we wish to develop a new platform technology, which would compliment our existing product range.

The new platform technology is based on existing intellectual property owned by Deerac Fluidics' and relates to a technology, which can measure in a non-contact manner the volume of a droplet dispensed in real time. Currently there is a significant drive within the high throughput drug discovery, clinical diagnostics, genomic and proteomic sectors for a product of this type as it will allow instant validation of scientific results and will remove the errors, which can cause a significant number of false positives and errors in the screening process. This development would assist in reducing the overall drug development cycle and drug development cost, providing our ageing society with a larger number of beneficial drugs, which have been developed at lower costs.

Deerac Fluidics' has extensive technology management experience and will put in place a well-structured project leading to the clear deliverables highlighted below.
- The production of a industrially required product bas ed on a new platform technology that will allow us to strengthen our position as a global leader in supplying low-volume instrumentation and to assist in placing Europe as the global leader in nanotechnology innovation.
- Embedding new research skills within our organization allowing us to increase our RTD capability and profile beyond this Marie Curie project and to grow the research division of our organization.

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