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Innovation Foresight for MEDA Partners in the European Research Area


INNFORMED aims to support RTDI Policy development processes in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia by increasing the use of participative foresight approaches to the development of innovation systems in MEDA partner countries with a view to opening up the ERA to the Mediterranean region. The project builds upon existing foresight experiences in Malta, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and Egypt. It draws upopn MoCo in a strategic consultative capacity and links up with on-going INCO projects such as ESTIME. INNFO RMED will use Innovation Systems thinking and a foresight approach to develop a structured Euro-Med dialogue in research and innovation, to embed innovation systems thinking in the region, to deepen and strengthen MEDA capabilities in RTDI related policy process design and implementation and to develop success scenarios for turning current MEDA strengths and RTD investments into RTD opportunities. Phase I consultation with MoCo members will identify appropriate national experts and prioritize aspects of MEDA innovation systems suitable for development through foresight activities. Phase II will involve the design of pilot foresight programmes. These will be implemented in Phase III. This work involves the execution of background analyses and the develop ment of input scenarios to support 'success scenario workshops' in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco. Dissemination will take the form of reports on workshop outcomes and a manual to support the take-up of these techniques in the region. It will be carri ed out via a dedicated mailing list and a dissemination event that will provide the basis for further cooperation in the FP and the ERA.

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