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New method of video transfer and control functions for training in computer classroom and for audiovisual applications


The objective of the project is to improve the competitiveness of European SMEs in the field of eLearning and audio-visual industry by providing improved screen transfer equipment for audio-visual applications and especially for computer classrooms training. Five European SMEs involved in designing and manufacturing equipment for screen transfer systems and three RTD performers have decided to join efforts to innovate and develop a new technical solution for screen transfer and control functions because of the following technological changes: Flat panel displays (LCDs) are rapidly replacing CRT monitors in computer classrooms due to their dramatic price reduction and smaller space requirement.

A new digital display connector (DVI) for flat panel displays is replacing the analogue display (VGA) connector in next 2-3 years giving better picture quality for LCDs. This technological change will make the current equipment obsolete and will cause great technological challenges for European SMEs in the field of screen transfer business. The goal is to increase the transfer distance up to 20 meters for computer classrooms (DVI standard specifies only 5 meters). Another technological change in PCs is that USB connector will replace old keyboard and mouse connectors in next 2-3 years. USB brings true Plug and Play to PC users but at the same time it is a challenge for developers, especially to SMEs due to its complexity. USB technology will be used for connecting keyboards and mice to screen transfer network in a new sys tem.

The third technological and also a social objective is to develop easy-to-use user interface, which supports better different European languages. A rapid development in small-size colour LCD displays and their price reduction has made their use favour able for SMEs in user interfaces. These technological changes force European SMEs to innovate and develop their products accordingly. Video transfer solutions are typically provided only by SMEs.

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