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Intelligent System for Automatic Processing of Design Codes of Practice


The objective of this project is to develop a computer system which will enable designs to be checked for conformity with design and test codes of practice before or after an analysis with a Finite Element program.

The system will accept data from three different sources:

- the results of a finite element modelling analysis, structured in the neutral file format defined by the CAD*I project (ESPRIT project 322)
- data introduced by the user, assisted by an expert system for each process
- data from standard databases of industrial and scientific information (properties of materials, universal constants, industrial components, etc). The AUTOCODE database will use SQL format enabling its integration with standard databases. However the project will develop its own AUTOCODE database.

Specifications will be developed enabling the implementation of new codes, suitable quality assurances, knowledge bases, standard databases and expert systems. A set of international design and test codes of practice will be incorporated into the system, covering a wide spectrum of applications, including construction, mechanical engineering, transport, capital goods manufacturing (pressure vessels, boilers, etc) and civil engineering (large dams). Mainly, the European Design Codes of practice (EUROCODES) are considered.


The project partners plan to use and exploit the commercial products developed from the results of the project by marketing them to users of finite element modelling programs; they also plan to increase the number of designs and test codes of practice included in the system. Furthermore, procedures and specifications developed in the project will be suitable to be used in the other development and/or departments.


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