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Contenu archivé le 2024-06-16

NCIT leading to EU IST excellency


The strategic objective of the EU-NCIT project is the reinforcement of the S&T potential to provide know-how and experience in elaborating and coordination proposals and projects related to several IST research areas within the Romanian National Cent er for Information Technology in the priority areas of GRID based systems for solving complex problems, Semantic based knowledge systems, eLearning, and Collaborative (mobile) working. The conducted analysis for the elaboration of this proposal highlight s that, despite important results obtained by the NCIT, the available resources and the innovation and research potential of the researchers were not fully exploited. This proposal aims to enhance the participation of the Center in European research by f ocusing on several actions: - training of researchers of the NCIT in order to enhance skills in project development methodologies, including the preliminary phase of proposal elaboration and the final phase of results exploitation; -Guidelines to increas e the successful participation of NCIT to further EU project calls will be elaborated and adopted; - creation of entrepreneurship skills that are very important for research and technological innovation, for the development of new systems, and for directi ng the results towards industrial and societal needs; - enhancing the collaboration with EU partners, which will contribute to raising the scientific and technical levels of NCIT members, participate to the elaboration of collective proposals and apply in future calls of the EU RTD programs; - updating the NCIT's infrastructure and software package resources in project management internal information system, network communication and collaborative remote work. The project has been planned to provide semin ars during the project development and after its completion for dissemination of the results at national level.

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