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Open Sensor Integrated Architecture for Managing Manufacturing Uncertainty


The objective of this project is to develop calibration tools for improving the efficiency, performance and reliability of robot flexible manufacturing workcells.

Two of the four major calibration uncertainties will be addressed: the relative position of robot and workpieces prior to manufacture, and changes in the shape of workpieces during manufacture.

To deal with these uncertainties three solutions will be provided:

- a calibration system to derive an accurate geometric model for the robot and to locate the main items (fixtures, magazines, pallets) in the working area; this will greatly reinforce the correlation between the off-line programming and simulation environment and the actual working site
- adaptive cell control for work preparation to locate the workpiece relative to the robot
- adaptive cell control for robot tracking in production mode, enabling the robot to continuously adapt its movements.

A neutral interface for sensors and robot controllers will be developed. A laboratory demonstrator is planned and an integration test-bed is foreseen in seam welding, laser cutting or metal deposition.


Renault Automation
8-10 Avenue Émile Zola
92109 Boulogne-billancourt

Participants (1)

Gesellschaft für Automatisierung, Prozessteuerung und Schweißtechnik mbH
Reutershagweg 4
52074 Aachen