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Multimedia and Geo-Referenced Information Delivery Systems


The GEOWORKS project aims to provide assistance services for information selection and presentation which meet the demands of geo-reference, non-technical data users in the European public sector who need access to multimedia data.

Municipalities and public organisations are an important and growing target market for IT products, and particularly for office and multimedia systems (electronic document management, photographic libraries) and geographical information systems (GIS). Many important tasks of these organisations, such as urban planning, public transport development, and the management of visitor and tourist information services, require facilities that make it easy for users to retrieve and combine information coming from new systems (multimedia systems, GIS) and from more traditional resources (databases, online services). Similar needs can be found in other markets.

Concurrent computerised handling and accessing of this type of information is a very complex task. It necessitates mixing different types of graphic and non-graphic data such as digital maps, statistics, technical material and legal texts. These data are often located in separate proprietary databases and may be stored on different media and platforms.

The work undertaken in GEOWORKS will consist of the design and development of new tools and in the adaptation and interconnection of the external systems integrated in the platform (assistant services). The main result will be a user-friendly environment allowing non-technical users to benefit from the integrated multimedia/GIS platform without any knowledge of the underlying assistant services.

The products and services developed in GEOWORKS will be pilot tested by two large local government administrations and a national administrative agency. These have been chosen because they are representative samples of the European public sector with respect to size, geographic coverage and IT usage patterns and will provide a strong basis for development of exploitation activities.


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