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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Modular Microsystem for Medical Drug Release


The main objective of this project is to develop a demonstrator set for a modular drug delivery system which offers a closed-loop application comprising the following major parts:

- implantable sensors
- absorption telemetry and monitoring system
- extra- and intra-corporeal infusion pumps.

An implantable pressure sensor will be developed which is powered by absorption telemetry and includes a datalink from transponders. No batteries or feed-through wires are needed. A standardised interface for sensors, inculding both power and data exchange, will also be developed.

In a first step, radio or infrared telemetry will be used to connect the adapter (sensors) to the base unit. In the last step, a demonstrator will be developed for remotely receiving data.

The aim is to develop an implantable infusion pump, small in size and without internal batteries, powered by absorption telemetry, that also acts as a datalink to an extra-corporeal processing unit worn on a belt. The flow rate will be adjustable within a wide range. The interior hardware and software will facilitate the diagnostic features of the implant. The fluid adjustment will be done by a flow control system (FCS) switching different silicon-etched capillaries by micro-machined bistable valves. The desired combination of capillaries will be calculated by the pressure loss, measured in the FCS. The FCS itself will be developed in three major steps, starting with a prototype of the capillaries, followed by the implementation of pressure sensors, and finally the bistable valves.

The extra-corporeal processing unit has different tasks due to the different treatments required. It acts as a pump-patient interface, to give information about the pump to the patient; as an interface to the physician, via a laptop to program the EPU and control the pump; and as an interface for additional calculating hardware and as part of the monitoring system (via a wireless interface to sensors distributed in the patient's body).

For closed-loop operations, the extra- and incorporeal pump is the correcting element of the control loop. The pumps substitute for each other according to the disease-specifc treatment required. For this reason, a system-compatible syringe pump will be developed which is fully controllable and can be included in closed-loop applications. The pump will offer advanced safety features to prevent accidental or unauthorised handling.

The result of the project will be a range of products: a closed-loop system based on an implanted pump, a closed-loop system based on a extracorporeal pump, an implanted pump as a stand-alone system, a syringe pump as a stand-alone system, and implantable sensors with a patient monitoring system.


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